July 24, 2020

Disclaimer of GeoICON 2021 Conference

Due to the spreading of COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) since the beginning of March 2020 in Indonesia, especially in East Java, as the organizers of GEOICON (Geomatics International Conference) 2021, we will replace conferences to the virtual format. It also refers to regulations made by the Indonesian government and approved by the local government to implement large-scale social restrictions (PSBB), namely to prevent the gathering of large number of people in one place. Lately the utilization of online meeting media is widely use all over the world. We found the capacity to organize and conduct the online meeting is very familiar to many scientist and industrialist.

For the past four years, GEOICON have been held as offline conference, where since last year it was held online. During the five years of GEOICON, it was attended by 300 participants from various education and industrial institution. We find the increase in number of participants each year due to the high demand for participants and colleagues, especially from government institutions, universities and the geospatial industry. GEOICON is one of the pioneers of the conference in the field of geomatics that carries many themes related to geospatial research. The high demand for colleagues from both the industry and academics in this year, encourages us to change the format from GEOICON to a virtual conference which essentially will not reduce the values we bring in the conference face to face. Besides we also aware that the growth of geospatial technology is highly developing, nowadays. During this virtual conference we will use the Zoom application and each participant can use his or her PC and sufficient internet connection.

This virtual conference will be held at July 27th, 2021. This conference will be conducted as presentation session. In the presentation session, participants will be given the opportunity to deliver presentations for 10 minutes, with details of 8 minutes presentation and 2 minutes for Q&A. During the discussion the moderator will be assisted by a technician to submit questions. Participants can ask short questions directly to the presenter after the permission given by moderator.

During the seminar, participants can use the place with comfortable conditions and facilitate their focus during the seminar. Participants are allowed to stay at their home or office while they are required to obey the local health procedures. Until now, since we are still in the submission process, the number of participants are still growing.

GeoICON 2021
Organizing Committee
Email : geoicon@its.ac.id