Withdrawal Policy

The author is not allowed to retract the submitted manuscript to the Editor for any reason. Author need to be aware that the Editor team is always working hard to make quality “Jurnal SISFO” . This is done by seeking the best review for each paper that the Editor receives. Here, the Editor guarantees a short review time for each incoming paper.

To achieve this, there are resources allocated by the Editor on an ongoing basis. Withdrawals or cancellations will cause the allocation of resources to be futile, both in time and money.

If the author still wants to cancel the submitted script, then the author must pay a fine of Rp. 500.000, – (five hundred thousand rupiah). Cancellation will be approved by the editor, only if the author has already made the payment and sends the payment receipt to the editor of “Jurnal SISFO”

If the author refuses to pay a fine, then all the authors will be blacklisted. Blacklisted authors are not eligible for publication to the next edition of “Jurnal SISFO”.

Furthermore, the editor reserves the right to revoke an already published paper, if the editor found that there is a blacklisted author in the paper’s authorship. Regardless the fact that the blacklisted author is not the primary author or the corresponding author.