Economic Impact of IT-based Business Process Management Improvement Projects: A Systematic Literature Review

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Nungky Amalia Imran
Muhammad Febrilian Dwi Syahputra


Business Process Management (BPM) is an essential element in the evolving field of computer science, management, and information systems. While BPM falls under the category of Enterprise Systems or IT enterprise, it still needs to be widely used in organizations due to a lack of understanding of its working principles. Although BPM has been implemented in the financial sector, its relationship with finance itself needs to be adequately explored. Many studies have emphasized the importance of BPM concepts for organizations, but only some have explored its connection to finance, particularly in Indonesia. The researcher gathered information from various journals related to BPM and its economic impact. After obtaining the journals, a rapid assessment was conducted by thoroughly reading and analyzing their contents to gain a deeper understanding of the research topic or problem formulation. The evaluation resulted in 21 relevant journals that were used to write a systematic literature review. Based on the sub-cost type identified in each studied BPM project, the most influential cost impacts are indirect costs. Thus, based on the conducted research, there is a lack of discussion among organizations regarding the cost impacts of implementing BPM in their enterprise projects. This highlights the need for greater attention to cost aspects when utilizing BPM in ERP projects or other automation information systems.

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