Implementasi Enterprise Resource Planning Odoo 10 Pada PT XYZ Dengan Metode Action Design Research

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Mahendrawathi ER
Diajeng Ciptaning Ayu
Ghifary Muhammad


This research aims to solve the problem of incomplete implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with the Accelerated SAP Method at PT XYZ. This research continues PT XYZ ERP implementation project using the Action Design Research Method, combining Action Research and Design Research. Some issues that occurred while the implementation and go-live projects such as, a score of 0.64 from a maximum score of 1 and unpreparedness from the building, intervention, and evaluation iteration stages. Based on these issues, it is necessary to analyze the root causes and recommendations at PT XYZ. The recommendations include how to carry out overall business process activities including use of ERP Odoo 10 manuals in training, involving users through training and communication, taking more time for testing, involving users during testing, leaving the old system, unifying data, equalizing data formats, performing data governance, and re-engineering business processes affected by ERP Odoo 10.

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