Implementation of Website-Based Network Administration Automation within the Ministry of Social Affairs

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Gumilar Mukti
Made Kamisutara


Today the use of computer networks has been implemented in almost every organization to communicate with parties who need them by granting access permissions. As a network management organization with a large number of devices, the challenge that currently has to be faced by the Data and Information Center of the Ministry of Social Affairs is that the administrative records of network devices and the installation of network devices are not well documented so it’s difficult for network administrators every configure network device with different types and brands. Therefore, this research focuses on implementing a website-based network administration automation system so the data storage system is integrated and becomes a solution for carrying out complex network tasks that can be completed much more quickly and efficiently. The research method consists of identifying requirement, designing, implementing, and testing network administration automation systems. The results of this study indicate that a network administration automation system can facilitate device administration staff in managing device data; technicians in managing device installation data; coordinator in verifying device installation; and network administrators in configuring devices therefore minimizing the time needed by network administrators in configuring and reduce the possibility of network administrators making configuration errors

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