Digital Information Utilization to Evaluate Financial Performance in Mining Industry

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Riza Rizqiyah


This study uses the digital information of financial service authority to evaluate the finances of several mining companies in Indonesia. Digital information at this stage will be one of the uses of data to evaluate company finances, especially during a change in strategy of holding. The holding strategic has the impact to the financial performance of Indonesia mining industry, holding strategy is kind of strategy to centralize the managerial of shares in several enterprises into one board of direction. That strategy of holding has implemented in the current of 2 (two) years since the last year of 2017. The main problem that existed before in previous study is about the reason of holding strategy implementation is including problem of financial performance, and this study would be measured the impact of holding strategic to financial performance in the mining industry with the quarter period start from March 2015 until September 2019. Research analysis of this study, will start from 3 (three) stages of pre-analysis, in order to find out the problem of financial performance in each mining enterprise, the result of financial performance found that there is any development point in efficiency towards measuring in data envelopment analysis, and also for financial distress measurement there is also has development of financial performance, some of enterprises in mining industry has developing part in financial distress measurement. implemented. The second is about the relationship of holding strategy and financial performance through the analysis reliability and validity test, there is a continuity of relationship between holding strategic and financial performance. The last analysis is logistic regression measurement, that measurement analysis is about the benchmark whether the holding strategic can develop some financial performance in mining industry and found the result that there is any good impact and perfect correlation in the holding strategic and financial performance.

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