The Effect of Social Media Marketing to Brand Trust and Brand Loyalty

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Satria Fadil Persada
Evan Kuncoro Jati
Reny Nadlifatin


Currently the phenomenon of sports shoes culture or what is often referred to as Sneakers is in a very high trend, sneakers themselves are a commodity that is very dependent on trends in society and these trends are disseminated through social media by its users with several specific goals, starting from wanting to shows its economic strength to want to have a lot of interaction with other online communities. This study explores how social media marketing influences the research object, namely; luxury sports shoes and specifically see the effect on brand loyalty on related objects. In carrying out the analysis using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and to check the reliability and validity used AMOS software. The variables used are Social media marketing, Brand consciousness, customer center metrics, Brand trust, and Brand loyalty. A total of one hundred and sixty eight (168) respondents were involved in this study. The result is that social media marketing has an effect on brand trust which will also have an impact on brand loyalty of a company. So the researchers suggest for business people, especially in the luxury sports shoes industry, to really pay attention to digital marketing, especially on social media because now people are aware of a brand so that there is trust through social media.The proposed model able to explain the overall perception with 78 percent of R2. Theoretical and practical discussion are presented in the paper.

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