How to Control Workarounds: A Literature Review

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Arif Wibisono


In this essay, we would like to explore the potential of workaround remedies as suggested by Information Systems (IS) literature. A workaround is a policy deviation that organisational people perform to address policy-reality mismatches. As a policy non-conformity, the organisation does not advise how an employee undertakes a workaround. Thereby, it has the potential to break organisational control structures and has profound consequences in the downstream processes. In this essay, we would like to explore potential actions that an organisation could perform to manage workarounds. In doing so, we collected workaround papers from major IS databases such as ScienceDirect, AIS e-Library, ACM digital library, Emerald, EBSCO, and CiteerX. Afterwards, we develop our research question and visualise it.

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