The Conformance Checking Proses Mining SAP-SD (Sales and Distribution) dengan Metode Heuristic Miner

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Alexander Hestu Kusuma
Joan Santoso


PT ABC. is one of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company in Indonesia. PT ABC divided sales
categories into 2 types, exports and local sales. This sales process was included in the SAP Sales and
Distribution (SD) module. But there has been no analysis conducted by the company to evaluate the sales
process. The evaluation of sales process used process mining with conformance checking methods. This
research found 18 business process variants from 4614 event logs. After evaluating 18 business process
variants, a perfect fitness value calculation was obtained with a value of 1 in variant 3, this indicated that
variant 3 conducts business processes in accordance with the business processes established by the company.
Moreover, the lowest fitness calculation value is 0.4 in variant 8, it shown that variant 8 did not conduct
business processes in accordance with business processes that have been set by the company.

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