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Submission Guidelines

Authors should submit their abstracts according to the guidelines listed below. An abstract template can be downloaded through this link.


  1. English is a must in writing an abstract.
  2. Consider the abstract structure consists of the introduction, aim of the research, method, results, and conclusion.
  3. Author should consider a one-paragraph-page abstract with a word limit not exceed than 400 words.
  4. The keywords list all the important aspects in your abstract to highlight the content and are limited to a maximum of five keywords separated by semicolon of each.
  5. Keywords are written in lowercase.
  6. There shall be no citations or references in the abstract specifically.
  7. Authors should provide to a maximum 5 references and are chosen only the appropriate one to describe the content.
  8. List forms, table, figure or graph must not include in the abstract.

Submission Process

Abstracts and papers will be submitted via EasyChair, an online conference paper management system. The technology allows the author total control over the submission. The author can post the abstract and monitor the progress of the submission’s review. To submit an abstract/full paper follow the instructions below:

  1. Create an EasyChair account through this link. If you need help to create an EasyChair account, follow this page.
  2. Once you have an EasyChair account, you can submit your abstract/full paper through this link. For helps, visit this page on how to submit your abstract/full.
  3. After submission, you will receive an acknowledgment of the receipt of your abstract via an email.
  4. A letter of abstract acceptance shall be sent to you after the review process and you may be invited to submit your full paper.
  5. The author should have finished the payment before the deadline of full paper submission. Please refer to this page about fee and payment information

Full paper Submission

You may submit your full paper after receiving abstract acceptance notification provided by the committee. Any suggestions made by reviewers should be included into your full paper. Before you can submit your full paper, make sure that your article has only one corresponding author. Multiple corresponding authors can hinder the forthcoming peer review process of your full paper. 

To check whether you have multiple corresponding authors, you should go to Easychair author page account and find menu update authors. Once you select the link, you will be directed to author information page. At the bottom of the page, you can edit the table containing the author list and then change or delete the information of the corresponding author that is not required.

Once you have updated  authors, we will send you a notification email of your credential login to submit your full paper. With that information, you will be given your username, password, and also a submission guideline. Full paper submission will be provided by Please be noted that the corresponding author is highly recommended to submit the article since the system automatically assigns the submitter/registrant as the corresponding author. Prepare your full paper based on the template we provided in the top of this page or you can click here:

cfp isfache scopus
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