The 2nd International Conference on Industrial and System Engineering (IConISE 2020)

Welcome to IConISE 2020

IConISE2020 will be held in Surabaya City, Indonesia. IConISE2020 continues the series to provide a forum for exchanging ideas and information about latest developments in the field of industrial engineering and management system among professionals from Asia-Pacific countries.

About IConISE 2020

Industrial engineering was sprouted from major engineering disciplines that called for better professional understanding of industrialization. Ever since, our discipline has been the star role player in confronting emerging industries; be it manufacturing, service, high tech products, outer space technology, information technology, industrial policy, ergonomics, and now world’s greatest concern, sustainable development. The Core value of IConISE is associating and exchanging the better industrial engineering education, researches, and exchange information from different countries.

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